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Brian and Mike - Challenge 126 (2012)

Event Dates       26/04/2012 -  31/08/2012  

In 2011 I (Brian) ran 126 miles for Special Olympics Ireland over 5 days, the equivalent of doing just over one marathon each day. I raised an incredible €15,000 for Special Olympics Ireland and I am extremely grateful to everyone who supported me last year.

(Here's last year's page including videos from each day)

And here's the promo for the documentary on this year's run by TechnoWolfe Films

€2221 has been raised via TEXT Donate

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor who had kindly donated €14,221 to this fundraising event


Online Donations   7852.59
Offline Donations   17443.00
Total raised   25295.59

This year, I've decided to up the challenge and will attempt to run all 126 miles in just ONE day

Mike Sheridan, my partner in crime, was training for an Ultra Marathon in London and I had started training along with him. However, once I started talking to him about my idea of doing 126 miles in one day, Mike quit his UK race and decided to complete Challenge126  with me.

Together we hope to raise vital funds for Special Olympics Ireland, who provide year-round sports training for people with an intellectual disability. In 2012, Special Olympics will hold more than 120 local area events throughout Ireland where each athlete will have the opportunity to compete, in the hope of moving onto the next stage of the Special Olympics Four Year Cycle.

By sponsoring our Challenge, you are helping Special Olympics to continue to change the lives of people with an intellectual disability.

Follow our progress on or @Challenge126


Donor's List  
Donor NameDonationMessage
Mr. Neil Brazil 50.00 Best of luck gents, this is hardcore fundraising
Mr. Stephen Mannion 20.00 Serious respect lads... Not an easy task at all. Good luck with it!
Mr. Ciaran Russell 20.00 Best of luck lads!
Mr. Michael Brett 126.00
Anonymous 50.00 Run, run like the wind. And don't stop until you get to Dublin you hear?
Ms. Karin Carthy 25.00 Ye mad things... good luck lads
Anonymous 5.00 Best of luck, lads.
Ms. Lauren Murphy 20.00 Fair play guys, and best of luck! Don't die.
Ms. Elaine Buckley 20.00 G'wan the lads.
Miss. Denise Tully 20.00 Best of luck guys, incredible undertaking!
Anonymous 20.00 Best of luck lads - very inspirational and a great cause!
Anonymous 10.00 Credit where it's due....hard core challenge! Fair play and best of luck :-)
Anonymous 5.00 Best of luck!
Anonymous 10.00 You people are crazy.
Ms. Brenda McCormick 30.00 Good luck, you madmen!
Miss. Audrey Sheils 20.00 Best of luck. I think you're mad!
Ms. Orlagh Feeney 50.00 Excellent idea, brilliant charity, pair of nutjobs. Hope everything goes really well and that you ge
Mrs. Nicola Reidy 50.00 Good luck to you both. We'll be cheering you on from California! Nicola & Noel
Ms. Alison Smith 50.00 Good Luck Brian & Mike! All the best in your challenge. It is for a great cause.
Mr. Con and Angela Smith 150.00 Brian and Mike good luck in your challenge think ye are amazing to do it to raise money for a great
Anonymous 20.00 Best of Luck!
Ms. Lisa Dignam 30.00 Best of luck ya mad scones! I know you'll do great and I'll be thinking of you all the way xx
Mr. Gavin Ward 20.00 Best of luck!!!
Anonymous 10.00 Good Luck and use the bushes wisely!
Mr. Dave & Linda Davin 126.00 Best of luck ya mad pair of donkeys!
Mr. Colm Hanley 100.00 Best of luck lads! Looking forward to joining you both for the last dash into the finish line. Heroe
Ms. Mary Clare Clohisey 100.00 Best of luck Brian :)
Mr. Maryse Fitzpatrick 50.00 Good luck!
Miss. Jessica Spencer 20.00 Lads, I admire you both so terribly much for doing this. You're crazy! I'm determined to do it with
Mr. Robbie Dunbar 50.00 Good luck guys!
Mr. Niall Murphy 20.00 I admire your courage/stupidity!
Mr. Joe Barry 10.00 Good Luck lads
Mr. Sean Smith 30.00 Best of luck lads!
Miss. Fiona Egan 20.00 Best of luck lads! Its for a great cause.
Miss. Louise Tighe 25.00 Best of luck guys!
Ms. Yvonne Kelly 30.00 Savage feat lads! Fair f**** play to ye! Had to include a swear word there Mike. Best of luck!
Mr. Finian Murphy 20.00 Fair play lads - inspirational!
Ms. Sarah Hughes 50.00 The very best of luck guys! x
Ms. Roe McDermott 100.00 Next time I hope your chosen charity is a mental health organization that can give you both the help
Miss. Christina Pollard 50.00 Good luck guys.
Ms. Clare McKenna 50.00 Good lucks guys, what you are doing is phenomenal and inspires me to run further ;) Cx
Mr. Dave Byrne 40.00 Gwan the lads! Best of luck.
Anonymous 10.00
Mr. Conor Steenson 50.00 This is no mere challenge. Best of luck to you both.
Ms. Rosalyn Smith 100.00 Best of luck guys!!
Mr. Chris Doyle & Sean Munsanje 50.00 Best of Luck guys. Chris & Sean.
Ms. Lisa Westermann 40.00 Run, run, run you mad men! Good luck
Mrs. Louise Kennedy 20.00 Best Of Luck Mike and Brian
Mr. Mark Hughes 3.00 I just wanted to get you over the €3,000 mark :-) See you in Limerick. Mark
Miss. Tanya Maher 40.00 Good luck to you both, Im very proud of you bro:).
Ms. Carol Beecher 60.00 Best of Luck!! :)
Ms. Áine Bray 20.00 Best of Luck! what you're doing is fantastic
Ms. Vicki Notaro 20.00 You're better human beings than me, that's for sure! Best of luck x
Ms. Sarina Bellissimo 50.00 Good luck guys! I am in awe!
Miss. Fiona O Toole 50.00 Wow congratulations for taking the initiative to do this and best of luck with the race!!! Fabulous
Mr. Ros Madigan 10.00 Such a worthy cause and such a monumental challenge for the two guys. Well worth the money.
Miss. Emily Barry 20.00 Best of luck lads! If you don't reach the finish line I want me runners back! ;)
Mr. Dermot Ward 20.00 If I could give more, I would, you legendary nutjobs.
Ms. Sheena McGinley 50.00 I echo the sentiments about the bushes ;) Mind how you go and see you on the other side!
Mrs. denise notaro 20.00 run boys run, u can return the favour when i crawl the mini marathon in june xx denise notaro
Mr. Cormac Moore 20.00 Best of luck lads.
Mr. Paul Talty 20.00 What you two are doing goes beyond madness. Best of luck!!!!
Miss. Claire O'Dowd 50.00 Best of luck dudes!!!
Anonymous 25.00 Good luck, you mad cats! Lx
Ms. Sarah Byrnes 20.00 Good luck with the hussle!
Anonymous 50.00
Mr. Doug Whelan 5.00 It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where th
Mr. barry o'donoghue 20.00 best of luck!
Mrs. Cera McGahon 7.00 best of luck tomo lads x
Ms. Fiona Egan 25.00 Best of Luck guys! My priestly Brother and I are praying for the weather.
Mr. Paul Byrne 20.00 Well Done Brian!
Mr. Eoin O 20.00 Best of luck. Epic run!
Anonymous 10.00
Ms. Roisin O'Dea 20.00 Mind the potholes.
Anonymous 100.00 remember the hare and the turtle....
Mr. Peter Atkinson 30.00 Good luck - hope the rain stays away!!
Mr. Dec Alcock 20.00
Mr. Diarmaid Mac Aonghusa 99.99 No quittin'...
Anonymous 5.00 Best of luck lads
Anonymous 20.00 Best of luck guys!
Anonymous 100.00 Best of luck lads
Anonymous 10.00 Good luck guys!!! xx
Mr. Eamon Collins 10.00 Best of luck! Amazing idea.
Miss. Shona Ryan 60.00 "You've got to search for a hero inside yourself" Heather Small 1995
Anonymous 20.00
Miss. Emer O'Connor 30.00 Best of luck lads. You m ust be off your rockers to do this, but I guess it's kind of impressive :P
Ms. Jessica Wall 50.00
Miss. Rachael Ryan 20.00
Ms. MAGS PENROSE 10.00 Amazing challenge guys, and for a great cause. Best of luck today :- )
Mr. Christopher Lavelle 10.00 Fair play lads, keep going to the end, FEEL THE BURN!!!!
Anonymous 10.00
Mr. Declan Cashin 40.00 A brilliant cause - fair play to you lads.
Ms. Sabina Bonnici 50.00 Forrest has nothing on you guys.
Ms. Mary Leahy 10.00 Best of luck you pack of madsers!!
Anonymous 50.00 Best of luck
Miss. Charlotte Flood 15.00
Ms. Esther McCarthy 20.00
Mr. Brian O'Driscoll 10.00 Legendary stuff, lads!
Anonymous 20.00 huge admiration for you boys.....well done!
Miss. Amy McGovern 20.00 best of luck guys!! its an unbelievable challenge!!
Ms. Therese O'Reilly 30.00 Fair play to ye. Absolute nutters, but inspiring ones.
Mr. Anthony Mc Guinness 20.00 Inspirational is oft-used word but is truly applicable here. Well done lads.
Ms. Joanne Crean 5.00 AWESOME!
Anonymous 20.00 I don't know either of you but think it's amazing what you're doing. Go on the lads!
Anonymous 20.00
Mr. Martin Clifford 25.00
Anonymous 20.00 Fantastic effort lads - ye're an inspiration.
Anonymous 20.00
Ms. Stephanie Zuniga 45.00 Go Brian! We're so proud of you here in Sydney! What an awesome accomplishment- can't wait to cele
Anonymous 5.00 Well done lads. Hopefully the sponsers keep coming
Miss. Emer Mc Lysaght 15.00
Miss. Roe McDermott 38.00 Congrats guys, proud! x
Mr. Gary Maher 126.00 Keep on running bro. Looking forward to hearing all about it at the end.
Anonymous 20.00
Anonymous 20.00 Really impressed by what you are doing, good on you both!
Anonymous 10.00
Ms. Siobhan Richardson 126.00 Well done to you both a great cause.
Ms. Ger Bennett 20.00 Well done, a great achievement and for a fantastic cause
Mr. Fearghal O'Braoin 75.00
Anonymous 20.00 Well done to you both, keep going
Mr. Ray O'Halloran 10.00 good luck lads!
Ms. Niamh Fox 20.00 Fair play guys. What you're doing is amazing. Well done
Miss. Sinead O'connor 12.60 Amazingly inspirational. I want to be like you guys when I grow up.
Miss. Lisa Rowat 15.00 Amazing work, well done lads!!!!
Ms. Jen Lee 25.00 Phenomenal effort guys! Guys like you really make a difference!
Miss. Lorna Toher 10.00 Amazing effort guys... Keep going :)
Anonymous 5.00 Nearly there now lads good luck :)
Anonymous 50.00 Keep going lads, you can do it!!
Miss. Claire Walsh 20.00 I can't really put into words how much I admire these two guys for what they are doing. It is truly
Anonymous 20.00 Legends!!
Mr. Paul Doyle 20.00 Amazing to even consider it, never mind running it.
Mr. Barry Kelly 30.00 Well done lads! Incredible effort for such a great cause!
Anonymous 25.00
Anonymous 10.00
Anonymous 20.00
Anonymous 10.00 Well done guys, so impressive!
Mr. Stuart Cinnamond 20.00 Unbelievable achievement!
Anonymous 20.00 Amazing stuff lads; you'll be lucky to have any toenails left!
Anonymous 10.00
Anonymous 25.00 Stay strong guys. I wish you all the best and know you will enjoy putting the feet up at the end of
Ms. Nikki Murphy 20.00 Well done lads, Insane challenge! Congrats to you both
Anonymous 10.00 Fair play!
Ms. Claire Hendrick 20.00 Well done guys, absolutely amazing feat, you're MAD, but an amazing cause :-)
Ms. Vicky Shekleton 10.00 Amazing achievement, well done!!
Mr. Darragh Doyle 50.00 Fair play to yis!
Mr. Susie Benson 10.00 What an achievement! Best of luck in finishing!
Miss. Rachel Kilgallon 20.00 Well done guys, keep it up! Think of all the curries to come Mike! xxx
Miss. sinead hone 10.00 Fair play guys this is some challange
Anonymous 50.00
Ms. Alicia Coyle 20.00 So proud of you guys!!!! Not long left now!
Mrs. Grace Bennett 10.00 well done!
Miss. Catherine Rutter 20.00
Miss. Kate Cowan 10.00 Well done lads, Keep going!
Anonymous 20.00 Fair play to you both, you a doing a wonderfull thing!
Anonymous 10.00
Ms. Jessica Doonan 5.00
Anonymous 20.00
Anonymous 10.00
Mr. Ross Keane 20.00 Major respect! I get breathless running up the stairs!
Miss. Emma Brady 5.00 Well done guys
Anonymous 10.00 Best of lucks guys you's are truly inspirational.
Miss. Cliona McHugh 10.00 Well done guys!!
Anonymous 20.00
Anonymous 10.00
Mr. Stentwell Barlington 50.00 Hi Brian & Mike, Stentwell Barlinton here wishing you the best & congratulating you on your achievem
Anonymous 10.00
Ms. Amanda Fennelly 20.00 Lads, you are a class act. We're not worthy. Fair play.
Ms. Claire Duffy 10.00 well done!!
Ms. Siobhan Farrell 50.00 Congrats Mike and Brian from Eclipse Pictures. Amazing achievement!
Miss. Joyce Smyth 20.00 Your doing an amazing thing for a brilliant cause. Well done lads.
Anonymous 50.00 Brian & Mike it's absolutely inspirational what you are doing, I'm in awe.
Ms. Aisling Mc Keever 5.00 Well done so far guys, absolute heroes!!! Nearly there now!
Mr. Paul McKeagney 30.00 Go Mike & Brian
Anonymous 25.00 Well done!! Extremely good cause.
Ms. Carmel Cunningham 25.00 Well done guys you are an inspiration.
Ms. Niamh Hayes 10.00 Keep going! You're doing great!
Ms. Fiona O Toole 50.00 Serious respect to you both! Feel for you so much I am donating twice! Love to ye! xxx
Anonymous 20.00 Well done lads, very inspirational!
Anonymous 50.00 Total respect and admiration for you both. Fantastic achievement
Mr. Darren Duane 20.00 Fantastic Achievement - loved running with you guys
Anonymous 10.00 Well done lads, amazing stuff!
Miss. Jenny Sharif 20.00 Good luck lads - not far now!
Anonymous 50.00
Anonymous 50.00 Greetings and much love from Canada! What you're donig is inspirational!
Ms. Lynn Owens 50.00 Best of luck lads during the last marathon. Completely in awe... Lynn
Anonymous 20.00 The 1 mile for each athlete thing made me burst in to tears for the first time in a long time! thank
Anonymous 10.00 come on lads, you've done so well so far, best of luck with the last bit :D
Ms. Kate Bowe 30.00 Bravo guys, nearly there:) All the best from the Kate Bowe PR gang
Anonymous 10.00 Seriously impressive!You guys are awesome!!
Mrs. Jane Jackson 5.00 Amazing what you guys are doing. Your family must be so proud. Well done!
Anonymous 10.00 Really impressive. Hope the feet recover!
Mr. Stephen Mannion 20.00 The first €20 wasn't enough after what you've done over the past 34 hours... Well done lads! Nearly
Anonymous 50.00 Crazy does not even begin to sum it up...fair play x #amazing #legends
Anonymous 20.00 Well Done! Its unbelieveable what your doing! ps will you pick me up a curry when your going throug
Ms. Linda Meehan 20.00 Well done lads, amazing stuff...252 miles next year yeah?
Anonymous 50.00 Unreal! You lads are a total inspiration and I'm in awe of this immense effort. Fair play indeed!
Ms. Clodagh Cremen 10.00 Such a great thing to do that'll make a big difference to so many people. You should both be really
Anonymous 10.00 Fair play for what yee are doing, great cause. 126 miles in 30 hours, madness! Well done, yee should
Anonymous 10.00 Truly Inspirational Lads.. Try not to be a man of success, But a man of value..Albert Einstein
Ms. Heather Rowland 25.00 I think you're great x
Anonymous 25.00 Amazing lads fair play to yous!!!!!
Mr. Paddy McKenna 100.00 Incredible effort for a great cause men. Massive respect.
Miss. Clodagh Rooney 5.00
Ms. Anna Deeney 20.00
Mrs. Leah Vinzons 10.00 You are inspiring. Keep it up.
Anonymous 20.00 Amazing achievement!
Mr. Jim Deeney 20.00
Mr. Matthew Farrell 10.00 Well done guys!! Great cause! :)
Anonymous 10.00 All I can say is AMAZING!Really inspiring for me and my running and to go the 'extra mile'!!! Well D
Ms. audra sheehan 10.00 Fantastic way to raise money .Well done
Mr. Ken Allen 40.00 Amazing achievement guys. Well done
Mr. jody o'toole 100.00 well done lads keep up the good work in the future. pity about the weather!!
Mr. Simon Maher 40.00 Superb job lads, really good work for a really good cause. Enjoy the rest.
Anonymous 30.00 truly well done guys. utterly bloody fabulous.
Ms. Denise Cronin 126.00 So impressed.Been watching your progress all day.What an achievement!!
Anonymous 20.00 Well done, great achievement
Mrs. Jacqueline Mann 10.00 Well done lads!!!!
Anonymous 50.00 An absolutely amazing achievement. Beyond proud of both of you x
Anonymous 126.00 You're absolutely mental! Now go sleep for a week!
Mr. Kevin Coffey 5.00 Incredible accomplishment guys.
Anonymous 30.00
Ms. Alison Ryan 50.00 Cannot believe you actually did this! What a great cause too
Miss. Aoife Cronin 50.00
Anonymous 10.00 Well done lads - saw you last night on Grafton St. You're an inspiration!
Ms. Jackie Ryan 20.00
Anonymous 5.00 Well Done guys, amazing!
Miss. Gemma Dunne 20.00
Anonymous 10.00 Good Luck Guys
Anonymous 40.00 Sorry, meant to donate weeks ago. Congrats Brian... it's an amazing achievement. Congrats to the bot
Ms. Tammra McFeggan 500.00 From The Walt Disney Company, Ireland - Congratulations and well done on an absolutely incredible ac
Mr. Martin Crehan 20.00 Well done lads
Anonymous 20.00 Fair play to you lads-amazing stuff
Mr. Darragh Jones 20.00 Such a great cause guys,well done on completing challenge126.You are an inspiration to all.
Anonymous 10.00 Well done!
Anonymous 20.00
Anonymous 90.00 Well done from everyone along your route - R445!
Miss. SADIE LARKIN 20.00 Well Done :)
Miss. Gael Leitch 10.00 Congratulations!
Anonymous 20.00 Well done Brian & Mike!
Mr. Declan Quinn 50.00 Well done on running the 126 miles. Great acheivement. Thanks for taking part in our video aswell!
Mr. Dave Nestor 20.00
Mr. Liam Thompson 26.00
Ms. Ciara Kelly 15.00 very well done on your runs, sorry it's late, I had problems logging on the website to donate severa
Miss. Fiona Lehane 100.00 You guys are amazing. Well done!
Mrs. Mary Mac Oscar 10.00 What an incredible journey you have completed - congratulations.